We are experts in the delivery of virtual and hybrid events

The world of events has shifted and virtual events are now part of the lifeblood of our industry. At Vision Events our team have adapted to become experts in the delivery of virtual and hybrid events, working tirelessly with our clients to provide them with the best solutions to continue their communication projects.

We believe virtual and hybrid is the future. The scope and breadth which presenting an event virtually allows, has opened our clients’ eyes to the potential to reach as many people as possible. Using fantastic platforms to ensure interaction and engagement, virtual events can allow an unparalleled opportunity for a wide audience to participate and engage.

Our team are virtual experts having delivered large conferences, to award ceremonies to press launches. They are dedicated to getting the best solution for each clients’ needs and ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for all those involved. Anything is possible virtually with a little thought and creativity.


Virtual Events

Virtual events allow our clients to engage with a large number of remote working colleagues and customers, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

These events can be undertaken in two ways; either fully virtual with all presenters and audience joining from their remote location or part live/part virtual where speakers present from a temporary event space to a remote viewing audience.

Our team can support both clients’ and their presenters and audience through the whole process, ensuring a smooth result with maximum engagement throughout.


Hybrid Events

There is still value in having a live audience at an event, however as the world begins to be more sustainably minded it isn’t always possible to have all attendees in the same space at the same time. This is where Hybrid events provide an ideal platform with both a live and virtual audience.

Hybrid events can allow a wider audience to access the content of the live event by joining and participating remotely.

There are a number of fantastic platforms which allow interaction from both live and virtual attendees to ensure that those joining remotely feel equally involved in the event and its outcomes.