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When I walk into our main warehouse in Edinburgh, it’s always a hive of activity with equipment being loaded in and out of our vans, on and off shelves, all in preparation for one of our many events. One notable exception for this was a few weeks ago when our warehouse was nearly bare, with all our equipment out on shows (although it was business as usual when it all came pouring back). Such busy times require careful logistics, something we covered in our blog back in January.

pat-testingThe driving force behind this activity and visionevents (often quite literally) is our warehouse team. They are responsible for all our equipment, getting it organised for our events, transport and maintenance. Not only this, you can often find them on-site setting up and making sure our events happen.

Our main warehouse in Edinburgh is our logistical hub, and it is here that most of our equipment is stored, maintained and prepared for the next event. Heading up our warehouse based technical team is Resources Manager Owen Brown who said:

‘Over the 3 years I have been at visionevents, I’ve seen our event production and daily hires stock change massively: from the projectors and signal distribution systems, to the media servers and intelligent lighting effects. Not only this, but the volume of equipment has increased massively, we’ve more than doubled our warehouse space in Edinburgh, as well as taking on additional warehousing at all our other sites.

I’m sure that it’s a huge client benefit that we have a vast equipment stock. It allows for simultaneous event productions across the UK and beyond and it means we can offer both premium and cost effective options to the client, as well as giving us back up equipment for when the unforeseeable happens. It also raises a huge challenge for us, as all this equipment needs to be stored, tested and maintained.’

VisionEvents2013-15I’ve been onsite at a lot of events (as one would expect when you work for a specialist events production company), and I suppose I take it for granted that at each event the lights stay on, the projection is perfect and the videos play when they are supposed to. Despite this, I know (because I can see from the window of the marketing office) that there is absolutely no complacency with our technical staff.

Owen and the rest of the technicians shoulder the responsibility for the equipment as they maintain it all, from the stealth system , projectors, lighting, even down to the cables prior to each event. Down to the cables. A touch excessive? I hear you say. Definitely not!

One thing I quickly learned when I joined visionevents is that there is no substitute for quality, and the safety net of quality equipment for each and every event is just one of the mainstays we deliver within our event production.

I suppose if you put yourself in the shoes of the client, would you be happy if your AV production company supplied with you equipment which they hadn’t tested and had 100% confidence in? I certainly wouldn’t.

If you would like to find out more about visionevents then do not hesitate to contact us at or call your local office, and we will be happy to help.


Edinburgh: 0131 334 3324
Glasgow: 0141 334 3324
London: 0207 936 9800
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