Customer experience is so important

Customer Experience is the new Customer Success.

In visionews, we have tried to cover all sorts of useful and interesting topics which relate to the world of AV and event production, and in each one, written between the lines be it on purpose or subconsciously, is our strong emphasis on exemplary customer service. So for this blog, we decided to go full throttle to divulge how important a positive customer experience is to our team.

Having done some research for this blog on how the world views customer service, we stumbled upon the new term ‘Customer Success’ which takes customer service to the next stage and one which, we feel, fits the bill for how VisionEvents’ approaches all our customers – new and existing. There are many definitions that came up in our search, however, this one aligns most with our vision:

Customer Success: A customer state of mind, in which a specific customer feels that they have achieved their desires (business outcomes and personal wins) while undergoing brilliant customer experiences.
(Thank you James Alexander, EdD from Alexander Consulting for this one!)

What does VisionEvents get out of Customer Success?
Simple: if the customer wins, then we win.

One key factor to remember is that every customer is different, each journey is personal, and therefore every expected outcome varies. To this end, from our humble beginnings back in 1982, we have always listened to our customers to ensure we get it right. And customer success is certainly worth the effort as it has huge value to us as a business.

How do we ensure Customer Success?

  • Dedicated project managers
  • Personalised service
  • Highly experienced support team
  • Fantastic supply AV kit
  • Reliable service
  • High production standards
  • Always on the end of a phone or an email
  • Ready for anything…regardless of how last minute!

How do we differ from our competitors?

  • Each experience our clients’ have is important to us
  • We listen to our clients, so we can learn – it makes us better at what we do
  • Our team listens to our clients, to what they want to achieve, so we can deliver
  • We want clients to come back to us, time and time again
  • VisionEvents is flexible and accommodating

The proof of the pudding
With 35 years under our belt and a multi-million £ turnover, we must be doing something right. We know that our reputation is built on the successes of our clients, and some clients have been with us for our entire company existence. Hand in hand with this, new clients are attracted by our service levels and industry prominence, which is why ‘customer success’ is at the heart of what we do.

Ali Robertson, Account Director, says,
‘There are so many factors that go into producing great events, and without question, the best successes are achieved when we’re able to build excellent relationships with our clients. The trust and understanding that is intrinsically linked with that means clients’ want to work with us time and time again. What VisionEvents’ has to offer is unique and is why we’ve always stood strong in our ever changing industry.’

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