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Investment in Absen LED

Due to increased demand in LED screens on our shows, visionevents have recently purchased more of the Absen M2.9 high resolution LED Screen. This allows us to create stunning backdrops and screens for all types of events. If you have a requirement for LED screen please contact us on 0800 334 5005 and our team […]

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Further Audio Investment

More investment in PA for visionevents. We have recently increased our extensive stock of D&B audio equipment with the addition of T10’s along with new amplification. The T10’s can be used in clusters or single point source arrangements depending on the event. Along with D&B speakers more Yamaha digital sound desks were bought to facilitate […]

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New Robe Investment

visionevents recently increased our moving lighting stock with the addition of three new products. The Robe Viva CMY, Robe Spiider and Robe LEDBeam 150’s. Robe Viva CMY  Elegant and lightweight, packed with smart effects that are easy to use. The fixture is very powerful yet consumes little energy.The 350W white LED light engine gives an […]

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