the power of video: top tips for video production

How often do you look at a video online, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Vimeo or a friend sent you a funny link? At least once a day?
How often do you hear in the news about a story which started from a video going viral? So many times!

camera manA simple, short video can have the most impressive impact: the reach has proved to be staggering. By engaging viewers with your video content, they are more likely to share your message; they will look at your website and spend time understanding who you are and what you do. This easy video marketing is priceless, so now is the time to use this line of attack for promoting your business or event.

Studies show that more than half of companies are already making use of videos for promotion and this will rise – it’s not difficult to see why. Consider promoting a particular event to increase attendance/sponsorship or to advertise future projects or events – or simply to showcase your company.

Click here to see examples of our filming work – these were shot for a variety of clients with various subject matter, edited with relaxing music for you to watch with a cup of tea!

Top tips for engaging video production:

People can hear your views in video:
It’s well known that the human mind relates better to images, colours and moving graphics which is ultimately why video has become such an in demand medium. Using day to day scenarios will enable your audience to get behind your message.

Keep it light hearted:
‘A picture paints a thousand words’ so you can afford to be concise with your messages. Keep content light, even funny if appropriate, and easy to watch. Amusing clips will captivate the viewer who will therefore be more likely to share/like the video…spreading your message.

Give the viewer confidence in your video:
If you are promoting your company, give client testimonials; if you are selling an event, give feedback from previous events why they should attend or networking statistics to entice them to sign up.

Camera---BigCall to action:
End your video with a ‘call to action’ whether it’s a weblink or contact details. Let the viewer know how to get in touch with you.

VisionEvents’ has a strong history with video production and our team can help translate your key messages into stylish, engaging video…just watch it go viral! (Time for us to practice what we preach!)

Talking of call to action…get in touch with us today to discuss your video needs: or call HQ on 0131 334 3324.

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