How to keep a cool head in the events industry

How to keep calm.

No matter what, one subconscious ability that we event folk seem to possess (or should!) is how to keep calm in stressful situations. Let’s face it; we wouldn’t be in this industry if we didn’t crave the adrenaline rush, the trouble shooting and challenges which typically arise during the live show. Recently, we’ve seen published reports that “being an event coordinator is the 6th most stressful job”, which we feel translates across the events board. Friends ask us: ‘why do we do it?’ And we reply simply: ‘just because we love it’.

So, with 30+ years under our belt and for a bit of fun, we have pulled together a few tips from our visionevents‘ team (technical, logistical and creative) to guide you through those challenging moments!

Some will be silly and some will be ones you will want to have up your sleeve…in no particular order:

1. Flexibility: expect the unexpecteddetour-sign-300x232

Probably quite an obvious one; it doesn’t matter how well organised you are, how well planned everything and everyone is, somehow, there is always something which crops up on-site which can take over. Take a deep breath, delegate your other jobs to colleagues and deal with the situation so you can carry on with the rest of the day.

Be ready to implement Plan B if required…or C, or D…!


2. Simplify things: multi-tasking versus single tasking

An attribute that we all share is the ability to multi-task, however, in the planning stages and even on-site, one should take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Reassess and focus on the essential elements which have to be completed, taking one step at a time. This term crops up again: delegate. Give other tasks to team members so you can concentrate on the more important ones (including time for your client). This will reduce stress, making the pre-planning stages more simple and manageable.


Thumb up hand isolated on black background3. Give answers, not questions

This one might sound like a riddle; the point being that a client doesn’t want to hear you ask them questions about the event, rather, give them the answers.

Saying things with conviction will give the client peace of mind – after all, you know the event inside out, so you know what you are talking about.


4. Keep your sense of humour

Everyone in our industry will relate to this one. When the proverbial really hits the fan, you have two options: run and hide and pretend you were never involved or face it head on and laugh it off (laughter may not be immediate, but it will come!). Remember, you aren’t working alone, you have a huge team behind you who are willing to help at any stage, so chat things through with experts and you will come to a solution. This will also help strengthen working relationships as you trouble shoot together.

Woman smile

5. Smile!

We’ve kept this separate from point 4, as we feel this is quite important. If all about you is falling apart, keep that smile fixed on your face as it will disguise a million issues from your client!

If a video isn’t playing because of some technological glitch, SMILE until it is sorted!
If the caterer forgot the vegetarian option, SMILE until they’ve rustled something up!
If the venue doesn’t have enough chairs, SMILE until more have been hired!
The client will never know…


red wine pouring into glassAny more tips?

We could suggest a plethora of tips, but on asking our team what they thought were the key ingredients, it was overwhelmingly team work, organisation and flexibility (as one), delegation, humour and above all, be able to look forward to that well earned drink after the event is over – however late at night/early in the morning it is!

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* visionevents are not experts with stress related conditions and we advise all readers to speak to their Doctors with any concerns to get proper advice. This blog is for a bit of fun and opinions are given in a light hearted way.


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