What to look for in your AV event production partner

The big question: how do you decide which AV event production partner to use?
We are often asked what sets us apart from other suppliers and our answer is: ‘we offer the full event production package in-house: AV equipment, graphics and video, production skills and crew, planning and logistics’.

Actually, we’d also sneak ‘loyalty, trust and fun’ into the equation, however, this then becomes a bit of a mouthful!

Having done a bit of research into writing this blog, we stumbled across a fantastic analogy where a fellow blogger explored: ‘why you should treat your AV event production company like your hairstylist’. Perhaps biased towards our female clients, but the underlying message in the article can be said for everyone. Trust: you trust your hairdresser to make you look great.

This couldn’t be truer in the events world.

Working to budget:

Too often event planners think they’ve found the solution by choosing the cheapest AV option, however, this can be bloGBP signwn out of the water as costs escalate when all the missed off extras are added on to the budget.

Sit tight, take a deep breath and consider the realistic option which includes all these necessities in the first instance and you might find that what appears to be the cheapest option isn’t always the best. Our friendly blogger related this to the added ‘deep conditioning’ treatments in the Salon which surprise you when you pay the bill!

Whilst we appreciate some of our readers may not experience such deep conditioning antics, another analogy could be booking a cheap flight to a city, only to find the airport is miles away from the city and you have to fork out for an unexpected taxi to get to your final destination.

Service offering:

Hand in hand with the above point is that you should understand what the AV company has to offer. Ask questions to establish their full service offering, so you know if you need to outsource certain elements or if they can cater for everything for you in-house. Like being at a Salon, you’d prefer to stay in the one place and have the complete pampering experience.

We use this model at the heart of our business; it’s our USP: all visionevents’ services are under one roof, so you needn’t go anywhere else.


Trust + creativity:

If you trust your AV production company, why change? Inspire loyalty and you will benefit with good discounts and raising the bar in terms of event production and design year on year. Your AV team will understand and anticipate your ideas and needs more than a new company. Challenge them by allowing more artistic freedom with your event design – you can always compromise to reign in their creativity!

And to finish off with…

Sense of humour + teamwork:David, Tim + Rich

We sneaked ‘fun’ into our USP. The reason for this is that you will be working very closely with your AV event production company (like you would your hairstylist) and often for very long hours during the run up to the project and during the live event itself, so make sure you feel you can enjoy a well earned drink with them afterwards to celebrate!

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