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Top Tips for roadshow events:

Roadshow events are a staple of the visionevents’ production team, however, despite their often complex logistics and important information sharing, they are rarely shouted about! To rectify this, we have compiled a top tips roadshow blog to highlight highlight the main event production areas for you to target to create an engaging and modern series of roadshow events, which will suit multiple locations and varying audience sizes.

why chose the roadshow format?
Roadshows have always been a very popular way to communicate key messages to many people in multiple locations. With the many changes businesses have seen recently not only from economic influences, but also political, we have experienced a great increase in clients’ using this format to engage directly with large audiences.

During our 35 years producing events, roadshows have changed considerably as new technologies have been embraced to aid delegate engagement and ensuring outcomes are achieved effectively – whilst allowing conversations and actions to carry on after any event. No roadshow is ever the same as new ideas are continuously brought to the table.

complex logistics – trust in your production team:
Roadshows are unique as they involve multiple events – whether it’s 12 events or just 2. There are many aspects to consider and trusting in your event partners will help make the organising smooth – we focus on the event production side. The main point here is to select a strong team of suppliers to support you throughout the event series, and stick with them as it will make life easier.

To partner with one supplier to fulfil your AV production – such as visionevents – will give you continuity: continuity with

  • the team and key contacts
  • the high level of production values and logistics
  • the high quality and performance of the AV equipment
  • as well as complete understanding of your goals and objectives

Logistics is key to organising such events as people, kit and staging, etc., need to be at various locations throughout the UK on certain dates (sometimes simultaneously). visionevents assigns one dedicated Project Manager as your main point of contact who will oversee and manage the entire project(s), working with our logistics team to ensure all elements in place for a slick roadshow. This ensures clean lines of communication and full understanding of your objectives throughout. Using our own fleet of vans and trucks to transport crew and kit effectively, our team has great experience in roadshow style events and will guide and advise you at every step of the way.

design to suit multiple locations and audience sizes:
Not a punchy heading, but a simple message: your event series will be located in venues which have many variations so it is important from the start that your stage set design, AV kit and all branding aspects are realistic for requirement and can be adapted to suit each location.

Venue structure will be the initial key obstacle as they vary so much; from the presence of venue columns; low ceiling heights; small, thin or large rooms, to more logistical changes such as access times; variations in audience sizes, to name but a few. All challenges which must be addressed from the start whilst ensuring best exposure for your brand and best display for your key messages, all the while keeping event budgets in mind.

Our previous blog on screen sizes and event design will help steer you in the right direction.

Stimulate and empower: new technologies
Having done all the hard work, this is where you can get creative and bring your event to life. Traditionally this is achieved through screen display, and engaging and inspiring content – presentation slides and VTs – which visionevents’ creative team can develop with animation and strong messages to support your objectives and branding.

In addition, you may wish to consider the use of additional technologies which not only encourage audience participation and interaction but also allow you to track return on investment by collating data and information before, during and after the event. Technologies such as dedicated event apps, online and/or mobile interaction (voting/asking questions etc). Or novelty elements like visionevents‘ ‘catch box microphones’ ensure all delegates have fun interaction, encouraging conversations.

Retro style ideas can suit some workshop style sessions – going back to basics with pen and paper! Or experiential style sessions can be developed with professionals. A lot of aspects to consider to make your event truly inspiring and memorable.

realistic budget
All events – however complex or straightforward – need to justify event spend. Roadshows are slightly more intricate as you often have split crews heading to the various locations to meet time deadlines. Working with your AV production, they can iron out all transport logistics and provide a detailed quotation to include all production and design elements, so you know what you are paying for is realistic to your requirement.

time to relax
There’s no doubt that roadshows are complex to organise however, with our top tips, hopefully this will give you food for thought. Choose your event partners’ wisely and you’ll breeze through!

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