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Whatever your views on #Brexit, at the moment, all is calm when working abroad. Recently, we have been all over Europe working (and yes, we were very jealous of our team going to Malta last week!) so we thought we’d refresh our working abroad article due to the increasing demand from clients who use us to fulfill their event production and AV equipment requirements overseas.

VisionEvents vans‘Surely this will blow our event budget?’ we hear you cry. Well, actually, no. As we own all our AV equipment and use our own fleet of vehicles, you’d be surprised that there isn’t much cost difference between us and local suppliers. We can rustle up some fantastic deals to ensure you receive the same specification of event that you would expect in the UK, including trucking all the kit over to your European location for very similar costs to those of the local suppliers at your destination.

Don’t believe us? Ask us to quote on your next European event and we’ll show you what you can get from your trusted AV partner.
Obviously, the biggest pull to use visionevents is that the client is taking an event production team they know, trust and are confident that we know the high standards which are expected at their events, regardless of whether they are at home or abroad. We are able to transfer our high service level to locations around Europe, and even further afield, producing excellent results.

VisionEvents' trip to NYC with clientThis does not mean that we aim to take work away from local suppliers. We actually get to know AV companies in the cities we visit so if we need any last minute bits of equipment (an extra microphone for the unexpected keynote speaker, for instance) then we can call upon local suppliers to support us.

Steve Thorpe, one of our senior Project Managers and has been all over the world producing events, says:
‘Clients are using us more and more to produce their European events and supply our AV equipment as they know we will deliver. They don’t have the headache of language barriers nor the stress of having to find a suitable supplier from scratch to fulfil their high standards. By using visionevents, they have a team they are familiar with, equipment and technology they trust and above all, they have the full project support in the build up to the event. As a result, they know when they arrive on-site, they have nothing to worry about.’

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to this testimonial from one of our long term clients.

So our question to you is…where will you take your event?!

If you have an event you wish to take abroad, please contact us today to discuss your ideas: projects@visionevents.co.uk

Edinburgh: 0131 334 3324
London: 0207 936 9800
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