Making Your Event Memorable with Graphics

Planning a good event can be challenging at the best of times. You need to create a spectacle which is interesting, has seamless event production, perfect projection and lighting and has great content. But for us, you need one extra factor: the event needs to memorable. It’s difficult to pin down what creates a memorable event; if there was a formula then you would see more than just visionevents leading the field.

Jewellery VinylsFear not! We are going to give you a few tips about how to raise your event production from forgettable to memorable through the use of event graphics.

Our head of graphics Richard Organ says:
‘Graphics are essential if you are looking to make an impact upon your guests. Good event production considers the whole guest experience. For example, welcome guests with logos projected via gobos, 12ft event branded banners and a plasma wall, all branded with specific event and sponsor graphics. It makes quite an impact, more than turning up to a plain venue wondering if you’re in the right place as there’s no event identity.’

Our top 5 ideas for graphics and event branding are:

  1. Printed Graphics
    Prints give you fantastic versatility in regards to shape and size. Graphics in the most visible places are essential and create an excellent effect, but for an added punch, think about what you can do to back these up elsewhere in the venue.
  2. Projected
    Be creative with your projection. Consider outdoor projection and the effect this will create for all those arriving at a venue. Once guests are in the venue, an idea such as a “worm hole tunnel,” with event and sponsor graphics projected from the outside creates an unforgettable entrance.
  3. On-screen
    Printed FlatsPlasma walls are a really powerful tool to engage guests through large open spaces in a venue. It’s the perfect place to stop and display key messages and interact with your guests and add value to your branding exposure and sponsorship package.
  4. Vinyl’s
    Vinyl’s add a creative and personal touch to an event. They look fantastic on internally lit tables and windows bringing a modern touch to a rooms branding.
  5. Bespoke
    For larger scale events, going all out on a bespoke branded blimp to circulate the venue is certainly going to keep people talking about your event. Branded carpets are also an excellent upgrade from the standard red carpet walk. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your ideas!



There are hundreds of finishing touches and additions which can ensure your event is memorable and not all of them will be right for every event. The team at visionevents have over 30 years’ experience creating unforgettable events, so give us a call so we can ensure your event is the one which is remembered.


If you would like to find out more, get in touch with the visioncreative team on 0131 334 3324 or send them an email at


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