Delivering events with visionevents

This ‘delivering events’ blog post is about something which is rarely mentioned and often taken for granted…our transport network. One of the major strengths of visionevents is that we have offices and warehouses located throughout the UK, and our Edinburgh, Glasgow and London offices are incredibly well positioned for the influx of events.

Our office in London ensures that we have a strong national footprint, making visionevents better placed than ever to manage events throughout the UK. Joining our network of offices together is our fleet of delivery vehicles which form the backbone of visionevents’ event production capability.

Managing Director Chris Montgomery, said:
‘As we do with our equipment stocks, we invest heavily in our transport network, and our vans and trucks are vital to this. We want to concentrate on the production of each event, so having a strong delivery fleet gives us more time and energy to concentrate on getting the finer details right.’

We have use of over 20 vehicles which range from a large trucks to smaller delivery vans. This range in our fleet is important as our events range from large corporate conferences and awards, to smaller bespoke event production. Debbie who manages our fleet said:

‘Our delivery vehicles are a massive asset. It’s important that we have the infrastructure to reach anywhere in the UK or Europe as our events take us here, there and everywhere. Having that strength and depth in our infrastructure enables us to deliver and produce simultaneous events, regardless of where they are in the country, without having to rely on third party suppliers. This ultimately puts visionevents in a stronger position.’

If you are planning an event, make sure you contact us for details on how we can enhance your event production:

Edinburgh: 0131 334 3324
Glasgow: 0141 334 3324
London: 0207 936 9800
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