Dazzling Christmas Events on a Shoestring

Dazzle with cost efficiency!

You may not like it, but Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to give a bit of thought to your Christmas party. While times are still tight and budgets even tighter, don’t give yourself an extra headache trying to come up with quirky room decorations which usually blow your purse strings anyway or settle for a Rudolph with the glowing nose and a bit of dusty tinsel…(gasp!).

Christmas DrapesWe have some cost effective AV Hire suggestions which will transform your venue into one which looks fantastic, and of course, festive:

  1. Brighten up a space, use rich colours to wash the room, you will instantly give the venue room a make-over and set the scene for your event.
  2. Moving lights, bright washes, LED uplighters bring a really vibrant and intense colour effect to the room and will create the festive atmosphere you are after. LED based lights allow you to change colours throughout the event as they can be pre-programmed – either subtly, from one to the next or quickly to create a greater drama and ambiance.
  3. If you want to hide the venue walls, consider using white drapes to mask the (sometimes) old fashioned wall paper and paintwork. The lighting effects will bounce off the white drapes, producing a sensational effect. Where the internal architecture of the venue is particularly beautiful, these lighting effects will enhance every element of the design.


Our Operations Director Ali Robertson says:

‘Tying in the Christmas theme with your event design is key, so consider splashing graphics on the venue walls using gobos. They look fantastic and depending on your budget they can be animated to create movement, colour and a great festive theme in the room’.

There is an enormous catalogue of general patterns, shapes and images for a gobo *, but we feel the snowflake is an effective option. These are good value for money and if your event is specifically themed there are many specific gobos to choose from.

Christmas Party RoomIf you are really looking to push the boat out this year, you can add all the trimmings to a creative lighting arrangement by adding a centre point in your room using either projection, stealth or both! A great effect is to cover stealth with a white canvas which softens the effect of stealth, and when working in tandem with projection looks absolutely fantastic.

If you still can’t decide what would be best for you and your budget don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to ensure you’re your party is one to remember.

* A gobo, or a ‘go before optics’, is is a physical template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light. This enables you to shine company logos onto walls and various patterns. They can be black and white or full colour and have moved on so much recently that you can get incredible precision with designs.

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