AV Hire: Putting It First

If you are new to AV hire, it can be a bit of mine field of technical information, acronyms, inputs and switchers. So when you are not 100% sure about what Audio Visual hire equipment you need, it is important that you contact someone trustworthy who can guide you through what you need.

At visionevents, we have a dedicated department who cater for all these daily AV hire requirements and introduced you to our fabulous team members in our recent blog. We utilise our vast kit stock to provide clients with any form of requirement from small, medium or large hires to the down right quirky!

This brings us to last minute requests. When someone comes to us with a last minute Audio Visual request it usually means one of three things: the client has forgotten something (panic!) or; additional equipment is needed on top of what we’re already supplying (panic!) or; the venue equipment provided isn’t up to scratch (panic!).

We have one simple rule to avoid all panic scenarios: be organised and discuss your AV requirements in advance.

Some of our most requested last minute AV hires are plasma and projection screens…why?

Sharing Information
monitor on deskThe purpose of conferences and meetings is the sharing of information. Good AV is often taken for granted, organised after keynote speakers and catering for example, and people often overlook the fact that when their conference has started, the guests will spend the majority of their time looking at a screen. Do you want this to be small? Old? Worn? Obviously not.

When this on-screen aspect of an event goes smoothly, no-one thinks twice about it, but it is always remembered if it goes wrong. Therefore having a good quality platform for the delivery of information is vitally important and needs to be properly thought about in advance. (After this, our most popular items include: flip charts, conference call systems and laptops…has my point been proved? I think so).

Dry Vs Standard Hire
A dry hire is when you hire just the equipment and set it up yourself. This is perfect for simple hires provided you know how to correctly assemble and use the equipment. A standard hire is when one of our own technicians will set up and often operate the AV hire equipment, giving you piece of mind and more time to focus on your event.

Packages Vs Bespoke Quotes
Technical AV equipment onsitePackages are great when you are getting to grips with AV hire. For example, a flat cost for a four speaker PA system, or generic lighting packages are handy if you are running a regular event in a venue which you know, but don’t rely on such packages to suit every venue and event.

When choosing a venue or planning an event, it is important to discuss your AV hire package and how it will work within your venue. Unfortunately, a “one size fits all” approach will certainly not do what it says on the tin as there are so many variables to consider. So save yourself a headache and last minute hire chaos, and consult your AV hire company for a bespoke quote, tailored to your requirement.

So, here are a couple of quick tips to follow which will help you avoid any PANIC moments:

  1. When planning an event, take your AV professional to your venue so they can suggest what will work best for your event. Most likely they’ll know the venue inside out, so can suggest the very best options
  2. Information sharing is the purpose of your meeting or conference…be organised – is your screen up to scratch? What other presentation materials may you need – flipchat anyone?
  3. If you do need a last minute hire (it happens…) do you need a dry or standard hire? Only use a dry hire if you know how to use the equipment!

Here at visionevents we are a specialist event production company and AV equipment stockist meaning we can look after each and every aspect of your event; from the smallest hire to large scale corporate events.

In the meantime, if you have any AV hire needs, make sure you contact hires@visionevents.co.uk or call your local visionevents‘ office to avoid any panic moments on your next event.


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