The AudioVisual 12 Days of Christmas

Here we go with a bumper visionews (well…it is Christmas). For this special edition we are running down the 12 days of Christmas, with an Audio Visual twist. Now, do not take this list literally, only on very rare occasions will you need 11 projectors or 8 Mac Book Pros, think of this more as a countdown of our AV all-stars which have seen us through 2013.

So without standing on ceremony….let’s get started.

“On the first day of Christmas, my event production company offered me…”

1. Project Manager: The project manager is the glue which holds an event together. They are ultimately in charge of the Audio Visual requirements, overall event design and are the main point of contact for the client. Without a PM there is no event! As you will have seen in our previous posts about the importance of getting your AV hire right, it’s the Project Manager who you need to consult.

2. Ai Media Servers: Our Ai Infinity 8 Media servers are next on the list. Brand new, top of the range and perfect for all creative graphic displays…projection mapping anyone?

3. Pieces of Staging: Let’s face it, staging isn’t glamorous but it’s absolutely essential for most events!andy onsite

4. Printed Banners: Good quality printed banners always look fantastic and great brand exposure. Whether they be specfic prints on a set or placed around a venue, print still remains a mainstay of event production alongside new digital branding and graphics display.

5. visionevents Technicians: This one is for the guys who are at the venue setting up long before your event, working during your event, and also working (often through the night) long after the event has finished. So sing this one loud and clear!

6. D&B Loudspeakers: Now, there are sound systems and then there are sound systems, and our D&B sound systems are the latter. Sound quality doesn’t come much better.

7. Crew Dinners: Day 7 isn’t just a lesson for Christmas but for life! A hungry crew isn’t a happy crew – keep them fuelled with food during long hours and they’ll work twice as fast.

8. Mac Book Pros: Our techs favourite. Why? Because they are reliable and powerful. The last thing any event professional wants is for a show computer to crash, so to avoid this, we use high spec Mac’s which ensure the content is where is should be…on the screens!

Projector9. visionvans: You have booked all your AV equipment, sorted all the event production with your visionevents’ Project Manager, now let our logistics team organise how to get all the equipment to your venue! We have a fleet of visionevents branded vans that will transport all the AV equipment, stage sets and nitty gritty anywhere in the country and Europe.

10. VGA Cables: A cable! In our top 12! You had better believe it. High quality AV production depends upon the finer details, and using the best quality cables really does make a massive difference to your event production. Don’t believe me? This principle applies for all of our events to your own TV at home.

11. Projectors: Stacked, blended, mapped, flown, rear, hung. If any of these terms seem a little unfamiliar, keep your eyes peeled for our projection masterclass blog (coming in 2014), and all will be revealed.

12. LED Colourblast Uplighters: LED uplighting is a very simple, but very effective piece of kit. They come into their own transforming large spaces, casting colour and warming up a space, and also when adding detail to a set. Check out our Christmas theme blog to see how LED uplighters could be your AV hire saviour for this year’s Christmas theme.

So there you have it. This list of AV equipment might not be as romantic as the original song, however, put it all together and you get quite an event!

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