2018 : cautious optimism for post Brexit Britain

Brave to be cautiously optimistic?
As we come to a close of 2017 and yet another busy year, we reflect on our successes and all the differing events we have produced as we head towards 2018 with cautious optimism. Cautious simply because of all the underlying connotations surrounding Brexit and what it might mean for our industry and our clients. Whilst this is in no way a political blog, we must acknowledge our current climate and its effect.

Having been around for 35 years, we have witnessed the big recessions and political consequences – some having greater impact than others. This has given us foresight to prepare for ‘what might be’ with the Brexit effect and whilst we have not seen any negative impact so far, we are aware that we can’t be complacent and plans are underway to safeguard our company and team.

In fact, this stance has been evident in our FTSE 100 clients’ activities during 2017; information sharing events have increased; clients are wanting more innovative ways to share messages for longer term discussions; clients are looking at new avenues themselves to prepare for the future. So whilst the media continuously paints a negative light, we have seen some very positive attitudes towards Britain’s future.

None could be more positive than a recent event we produced in Edinburgh for “Opportunities in West Bengal: an interactive discussion”. The Government of West Bengal, High Commission of India in the UK, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), in partnership with Scottish Development International, UK India Business Council, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Asia Scotland Institute, invited delegates to an interactive discussion with many key speakers including Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Why West Bengal? It is the fourth largest state economy in India growing at 15.64% in 2016-17. West Bengal contributes significantly to India’s economy and is the gateway to North East India and East and South East Asia – connecting to Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It’s also India’s fourth most populous state, making it a significant consumer market for Scottish companies. With two international airports, two major ports and two more under development, the country is ensuring connectivity to global destinations.

The interactive discussion was created for Scottish delegates to hear about growth industries and business opportunities in West Bengal, and meet with senior decision makers from reputable Indian companies, representatives of FICCI, and senior government officials from West Bengal. Delegates were able to network with like-minded people, broaden knowledge, expand business network, and unlock opportunities for business. (Content quoted with thanks from event information.)

The event was a sell out and a huge success. VisionEvents was proud to have produced this event, alongside the organisers, which encouraged so many new links and business opportunities.

To see this level of interest coming to the UK, to Scotland, from countries eager to do business with UK companies gives huge optimism. And whilst we are unsure what is around the corner, we are certainly heading into 2018 with renewed vigour and optimism.

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